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Market Focus: Former Air Force One Detailer launches first Spanish-language detail training

In this week’s Market Focus, we cover detail training, a restoration and a partnership.


In this week’s Market Focus, we cover a detail training opportunity in Spanish, a restoration and a partnership.

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Former Air Force One Detailer announces launch of first Spanish-language auto detail training

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — It has been more than two years in the making; Orange County Detailer and Paint Correction Specialist Rigo Santana of Xtreme Xcellence Professional Detailing contracted with San Juan’s UM Distributors Inc., Puerto Rico’s largest distributor of detailing products and equipment, to hold his first independently-driven Spanish-language automotive detail training, Feb. 26-27, according to a press release.

Training was held at the UM location at Puerto Rico 848, Trujillo Alto and reached full capacity at 40 students, the release continued.

His Nueva Generacion de Detalladorese Network (NGDD) hopes to hold more classes in the coming year in Puerto Rico as well as in Mexico and throughout Latin America, the release added.

The NGDD class will focus on teaching automotive enthusiasts and current Latino detailers the importance of long-term, quality car care, the release noted, and how to build a profitable detailing business that goes beyond a carwash and wax.

Along with assistant trainer Sergio Fierro of Advance Detailing Experts in Oxnard, California, who is also a former Air Force One Detailer, the entire class will be conducted in the Spanish language, the first of its kind by a triple-certified U.S. detailer, the release stated.


Topics included advanced techniques in interior and exterior detailing and paint correction; the significance of achieving professional certifications; the importance of becoming a member of the International Detailing Association (IDA); and how to use basic business and marketing practices to become a profitable business, active member of the community and a potentially significant economic driver for the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria this past fall, the release continued.

Two years ago, Santana spearheaded a joint Latino-language class with master detailing trainer Renny Doyle in Big Bear, California, the release added; he and Fierro shared a desire to see the Latino detailing community grow and prosper, rather than remain low-skilled carwashers.

Santana realized then that he wanted to travel to Latino communities in the U.S. and to Latin American countries to launch his own Latino-based detailing training program, focused on high-quality, certification training, in Spanish, the release stated.

“I will officially announce the launch of the Nueva Generacion de Detalladorese Network during training on Monday,” says Santana. “My mission is to bring tools, education and technology to communities where I know from experience there is a passion for providing automotive services. Many Latino detailing professionals are struggling to make a living because they do not know how to perform the advanced services a properly-trained and certified detailer can provide to their customers.”


The successful enrollment of detailers and potential detailers in San Juan is encouraging, and Santana plans to hold more training classes in Puerto Rico in the coming year, the release concluded.

For more information on Santana’s NGDD Latino Detailing Training Network or to request dates for upcoming Latino training classes, contact Rigo Santana at (714) 376-2604 or (714) 472-3001.

Bennett’s Detailing undergoes major renovation

LAKE ARIEL, Pa. — After two and a half years of operating in a former mechanics garage under fluorescent lights, faded white painted walls and concrete stained floors, Bennett’s Detailing in Northeast Pennsylvania has taken on a major face-lift for the better, according to a press release.

Bennett’s Detailing operates on the property of The CAR WASH on Hamlin Hwy. & DOG WASH Too, which itself undertook a major renovation two and a half years ago, the release continued.

Partner Dave Edwards decided it was time to take the detail shop to a spirited retail presence, the release noted.

After visiting many detail shops, Bennett’s discovered that most operate in an uninviting space and appear to be the stepchild of sorts to an overall carwash facility, the release stated.


Using the ideals of “monster garage” or “man cave,” the release stated, the detailing shop sought to design an automotive-driven interior, which included some of the following aspects:

  • Exposing pipes and conduit for a smooth industrial feel, yet with each providing a function in the shop
  • Having an overhead central vacuum system with very colorful hoses and fittings
  • Installing four-foot LED strip light fixtures throughout and located at different heights and angles in order to achieve no shadowing
  • Finishing trim and doors with a black rubber texted undercarriage paint
  • Installing polished aluminum, diamond-plate wainscot (which, though unintentional provides light reflection to assist)
  • Installing a checkerboard floor that is a vented loop and snap system, allowing water shedding from a car to drain through, minimizing puddles and preventing slips and falls
  • Creating a small waiting area inspired by parking lot tailgating for those short-service-needs customers, which includes USB ports for charging and a flat-screen TV looping car-related shows
  • Taking a page from the mechanic’s shop of big red tool boxes by incorporating a cabinet system that provides storage for detailing supplies and tools as well as serving as a customer service point-of-sale counter.

10 carwash locations revamped in Northern Colorado

FORT COLLINS, Colo.Announcing its partnership with Schrader Oil, Signal Wash CO has recently taken over ownership and installed 10 new automatic carwashes in Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor, according to a press release.


Totaling $1,700,000, Signal Wash CO and Schrader Oil have installed new equipment utilizing the latest touch-free technology, the release continued.

The automatic carwash features include a dual-arm design for increased wash speed, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, no friction or risks of scratching, faster wash time, reliable performance and an open and inviting bay with new LED lighting awarded through an application from the City of Fort Collins, the release noted.

“We are proud to partner with a well-known, locally-owned company like Schrader Oil,” said Chad Hirschfield, co-owner of Signal Wash CO. “Since taking over ownership, we’ve installed brand-new equipment for a fast, reliable wash every time. We stand behind our product offering customers a quality carwash at an affordable price.”

Introducing portable codes for the first time, customers can now purchase a carwash at any Schrader Oil location that has a carwash and use the code any time at any Schrader Oil-Signal Wash CO carwash location, the release noted; without an expiration date, the codes are good until used, and all 10 locations have updated pay stations that can accommodate these transferable codes.

“We are excited to have created a partnership to provide quality, affordable and technologically advanced touchless carwashes,” said Steve Schrader, president of Schrader Oil Co. “Together, Schrader Oil and Signal Wash CO can now offer customers the opportunity to use a wash code at any of our locations. If one wash is busy, there are nine other locations to choose from without having to transfer or change a code. These new washes provide multiple options at the same convenient locations.”


Signal Wash CO offers include fleet services for bulk carwashes and a frequent washer program, the release added.

The fleet services have centralized billing and help to reduce long-term maintenance issues for businesses of any size, the release concluded, while the frequent washer program gives users the ability for unlimited packages, carwash discounts, coupons, rewards and more at all of the Signal Wash CO locations.

To see a full list of Signal Wash CO locations, visit wash/.

More information on the partnership with Schrader Oil can be found at

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