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Marketing prowess

If you are a multi-profit center owner, it’s imperative that you cross-promote your offerings to each and every customer. Once a customer is already on your property, it’s easier for them to one-stop shop their way around there, and it’s easier for you to attract them into various services. Patrick Donadio, MBA. is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Master Certified Coach (MCC). Since 1986, he has been training/coaching leaders and their organizations to help them increase profits, improve presentation/verbal communications, enhance their credibility, deepen relationships and boost performance/sales — in less time. To help business owners enhance their marketing initiatives and cross-promote other profit centers, Donadio offers up the following tips.

  1. Offer to fulfill a need: When it comes to multi-profit centers, you don’t just want to ask a customer, “Do you want an oil change?” after they get a carwash. Whenever possible, you, and your employees, should instead make it more personal. “I see your last oil change was over four months ago, would you like to get one here? We offer a 10 precent discount to carwash customers.” Also, be sure to ASK your customers, not tell them, if they need another service you offer.
  2. Design loyalty or frequent buyer cards: Design a card that states something such as, “Buy 7 carwashes, get the 8th one free.” Then, punch out the first two holes. This way the customer will think they are already ahead of the game, and it won’t cost you anything. Then hand these out at places like the gas station to get people to come over and use them at the carwash.
  3. Design unique coupons and signage: If there is something unique about your carwash (you have the only pet wash in town, or you offer hot wax, etc.) be sure to put that in your signage. Also offer a coupon that says, “Come in for a $1 off special on the only carwash in town that offers (fill in the blank). Try offering a coupon for one of your other profit centers. It could say something like, “Get a free coffee, courtesy of (fill in the blank). Then have your employees personally sign them and put on an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. Employees can hand out the coffee cards at the carwash.
  4. Teach your employees: Make sure all of your employees are trained on how to educate customers on the various other profit centers. A carwash worker needs to know how the pet wash works, for example. If a carwash worker sees a customer with a dog in the car, let them know that there is also a great pet washing service on the property.
  5. Utilize all of your employees: If you do not have a professional marketing expert, be sure to have your employees help out. For instance, if you have a c-store cashier, have that person send out tweets from your Twitter account or have them post messages on Facebook, when they are not busy.
  6. Know your target audience: Who makes up your customer base? Is your area filled with Cowboys fans? College students? Artists? Use this knowledge to better enhance and design your marketing campaign. Look at the design of your signage, ads and your messages. If your area is filled with Red Sox fans, use that data in your next campaign (i.e. Come in and get a 15 percent discount before the today’s big game! Or, Come in for the David Ortiz discount in honor of today’s double header).
  7. Be sociable with social media: It’s important to remember the word “social” when it comes to social media. Engage your followers or friends. Respond to people and keep a dialogue going. Try a poll, or ask them a question. This not only makes them feel like you value their opinion, but it also provides you with valuable feedback and insights.

For more insight or to book Patrick for your next conference, seminar or retreat, or hire him as your business communication coach, call Speakers Unlimited at 614-864-3703.

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