ANNAPOLIS, Md. — According to, Mister Car Wash, which purchased the former Maritime Autowash in January 2015, filed a suit claiming that former owner, David Podrog, misrepresented the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation into the business before its sale.

Podrog and former manager Kyle Decker were accused of treating Hispanic workers like personal servants, resulting in the investigation, the article continued.

The EEOC lawsuit stated the two “routinely assigned the female employees to clean the houses of the owner or manager and assigned the male Hispanic employees to perform duties at their homes, such as landscaping, cleaning the pool, picking up dog excrement, painting, or helping with moves.”

Mister Car Wash, who is a co-defendant in the EEOC lawsuit, is seeking at least $75,000 in the separate lawsuit it filed in May, the article noted, claiming that Podrog and Maritime knew of the EEOC’s investigation and charges as early as February 2014 but that they misrepresented parts of it before the sale.

“Between October, 2014, and January, 2015, the parties conducted diligence regarding Mister’s purchase of [the carwash and its holding companies],” the lawsuit reads. “During this diligence period, [Podrog] failed to disclose certain details regarding the EEOC Investigation and EEOC Charges.”

“Mister relied on [Podrog’s] assurances that certain EEOC claims — including the EEOC Investigation and the EEOC Charges — would be defeated prior to the Agreement closing date and that, regardless, there was a $1,000,000 insurance policy available to cover the claims.”

Robert Cawood, Podrog’s attorney, said he is “going to vigorously defend [Podrog] on the allegations” and has filed a motion to dismiss, which states that “any breach of contract claims arising out of those alleged misrepresentations were settled and forever discharged following negotiations between the parties culminating in the October 5, 2016 Release.”

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