GRASS VALLEY, CA — Co-owners Geoff Garrett, Ken Meyers and Larry Green reopened a 30-year-old carwash here with a new goal in mind: Serving the community. “The whole property has been cleaned up and beautified,” Garrett said in the story. “We’ve created a brighter, more open feeling in the tunnel. A large percentage of our customers are seniors and we want them to feel safe here. We reopened this car wash with new services to fill a need in the community.”

The Sept. 19 story from The Union stated that the new owners intend to make their new carwash feel comfortable to customers. They have gone above and beyond, hiring a “wholesome, clean-cut” staff, most of which are local high school and college students. “We wanted to create a family-friendly atmosphere. We would like to make our customers into friends,” Garrett added in the story.

Suds Brothers offers a far superior service than other carwashes in the area, according to employee Kelley Christensen. Cars are “100 percent hand washed,” and offer a variety of detailing and waxing services as well as express washes.

A veteran in the carwash industry, Garrett said that offering the best service possible is key because it creates repeat customers. He also wants to be further involved in the community by hosting local fundraisers and events.