MARYSVILLE, Calif. — Many community-organized carwashes will no longer be allowed to operate due to new federal Clean Water Act standards, according to the Appeal-Democrat.

The carwashes must operate on “lots containing commercial carwashes that recycle soapy water or in open fields where water doesn't go into storm drains,” said the article.

Residents washing their cars in their driveways are not affected, noted the article.

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Yuba County is working to pass an amendment to its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System program to comply with the new regulation.

“Carwashes and how the state has defined them call it an illicit discharge,” stated Dan Peterson, principal engineer for Yuba County, in the article. “Municipalities are required to go out and initiate enforcement.”

Peterson also shared the city will begin an education program to inform organizations like churches that the washes are no longer allowed at their locations, reported the article.

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