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Owner opens second Wishy Washy Car Wash

KENNETT, Mo. — After successfully operating a carwash and a number of other businesses, an owner chose to add a second wash location.


KENNETT, Mo. — Jeff Montgomery has owned a number of small businesses near Kennett, and now he is opened his second Wishy Washy Car Wash here, The Daily Dunklin Democrat reported.

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After operating a Wishy Washy location in nearby Caruthersville for five years, Montgomery noticed the existing wash location and decided to expand, according to the article.

Montgomery explained in the story that the updated wash will feature a D&S 5000 touch-free unit as well as a Ryko soft-touch unit and dryers. The Ryko wash also has wheel scrubbers to clean brake dust from tires and rims. In addition to the new wash equipment, the building was freshened up with a new coat of paint.

“What you’ll find with the DS-5000s is, after about a month of running through them, it won’t quite cut the road grime. [The Ryko] will cut the road grime. It’s got a special material that the brushes are made out of and it drops the dirt, anything inside of it, immediately whenever it goes on to the brushes from your cars. So it won’t run across your car and scratch it or anything like that,” Montgomery stated in the article.


Montgomery noted in the story that he decided to add a location in Kennett due to the reasonable utility costs and real estate taxes in the area.

“We’re happy with what we’ve got. And dealing with folks in Kennett, we’ve found that we really like dealing with folks in Kennett. There’s a lot of good folks over here. From beginning the building to getting it all in and getting it up and running, we’ve met and run into a lot of good folks,” Montgomery concluded in the article.

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