EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. — A proposal for a new carwash recently went before the East Hampton Town Planning Board, according to The East Hampton Star.

The carwash would be built next to a recycling center in East Hampton, stated the article.

The vacant property is about an acre in size, continued the article, and the spot is currently zoned for commercial use.

“It’s at the dump,” said Britton Bistrian of Land Use Solutions in front of the town board, reported the article.

Bistrian, who is representing the owner, added that the carwash would “make use of one of the town’s least desirable locations,” informed the article.

The carwash, as described by Bistrian, would be environmentally friendly, using only 35 gallons of water which will be recycled, stated the article.

No wastewater from the carwash would be discharged, added the article, but rather trucked out and treated.

Since the town code requires buildings to be at least 25 feet from the property line, reported the article, the proposed carwash would need a variance from the zoning board of appeals to permit the 5,455-square-foot carwash to stand 15 feet from its rear property line.

The carwash proposal calls for 17 parking spaces, continued the article, which would be used for detailing as well as employee parking.

Bistrian told the board 10 employees would be working on-site at a time, noted the article.

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