DUBLIN, IRELAND — Professional car racer Emmet O’Brien, who will drive a red Ferrari in the European Blancpain Endurance Series soon, also runs an eco-friendly car company called No-H20, Independent.ie reported.

The Sept. 23 story stated that the business is an environmentally friendly car valeting service as well as a distribution company for No-H20 waterless car cleaning solution.

"With my racing background, I always had an interest in car care — as I liked to clean my cars well," O'Brien said in the story. "However, before I set up the company, I had found that there was really nowhere in Ireland that I could leave my car and get it cleaned well."

Knowing how much water a typical carwash uses, he decided to track down an eco-friendly car care solution for his business. He soon became a distributor and now sells the solution to owners of coaches, buses, trucks, retailers and small garages.

Although 2008 and 2009 were tough, O’Brien said in the story that sales have increased between 25 and 30 percent per year.