MANTECA, Calif. — With water concerns and drought in California, a carwash that is able to reclaim 97 percent of its water, like Clean Drop Car Wash has done, is a step ahead, according to the Manteca Bulletin.          

The article explained the process that allows water to be recycled at such a high rate: “Water carrying rich material washes over a series of channels, and the heavier particles settle on the bottom — sending the water and the lighter, non-precious mixture back out of the end into a returning pool where it can be recycled again.”

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The owner of the wash, Hercules Vourakis, wants to use as little water as possible, while providing customers with a great carwash. “When you drive up and select your wash there isn’t the typical up sell  … The machine knows which car you are in line and it goes from there,” said Vourakis. He continued that the wash can be a one person operation.

The wash also has free vacuum terminals, and 160-horsepower fans that dry your car after the wash.   

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