Residents oppose plans for area carwash
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Residents oppose plans for area carwash

DENVER — Emilie Baratta and Rob Madrid, owners of Gleam Car Wash, both live in the area and are willing to sign a good neighbor agreement.


DENVER — Berkeley residents have raised concerns over plans for a new area carwash near 38th Avenue and Wolff Street, according to The Denver Post.

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Gleam Car Wash is projected to open next March, stated the article, and could wash several hundred vehicles a day.

Corinna Carlsgaard, owner of a building located around a block away from the proposed carwash, said she planned to launch a retail store/café with outdoor seating, reported the article, however the carwash will affect her business plans because idling cars may create “a bad outdoor atmosphere and less parking in the neighborhood.”

“I just bought this property and have plans with [the] city,” said Carlsgaard in the article. “It’s very hard to get any commercial property in Denver these days. It took me forever to find this [site]. If this carwash goes down, I can’t have my business there.”


Other area residents are concerned regarding potential traffic patterns because of the potential for backed up cars at the entry ways to the carwash on Wolff and Xavier, continued the article.

“If these folks back up, we’re stuck,” stated Ayo Labode, a resident who lives near the corner of 39th Avenue and Wolff, in the article. “It really doesn’t make sense for our neighborhood.”

Residents opposed to the carwash have created a petition with just over 400 signatures, informed the article, and the group also has a page on Facebook named “Save Berkeley.”

Emilie Baratta and Rob Madrid, owners of Gleam Car Wash, both live in the area and reported that they are “trying to be good stewards in the neighborhood and are willing to sign a good neighbor agreement,” stated the article.


The owners explained in the article that they have sufficient property to avoid any traffic backup and that the business is planned to be “green.”

Baratta said in the article that they are doing their best to be “good neighbors,” and that she heard there was a need for a carwash in the area.

Madrid forecasts that the carwash will serve an average of 350 vehicles per day, noted the article, however Carlsgaard believes that the number of cars per day could be between 800 to 1,200 on some days.

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