HOLLAND, MI — Plans for a huge Quality Car Wash that would include a carwash, gas station, c-store and fast food restaurant were tabled for the second time by the Planning Commission here, The Holland Sentinel reported.

The Aug. 29 story stated that city staff requested the delay to review details of the site plan, especially concerns about the location’s intersection and median. The Michigan Department of Transportation will have to deal with the medians and approve permits for the business’s driveways.

The site is 3.1 acres, and current plans call for a 13,498-square-foot building for the detailing business, carwash, gas station, c-store and restaurant. Outside, there will be about 72,800-square-feet of paved surface for 12 fuel pumps, 12 vacuum areas and a drive-thru lane for the restaurant.

The 24/7 business will have about 20 employees on-site during operation, and the second floor of the building will house employee offices.

When approved, construction would be done in one phase. Quality hopes to begin construction this fall.