Shop provides opportunity for people with disabilities - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Shop provides opportunity for people with disabilities

POCATELLO, ID — The program enables clients to reach their highest social and personal potential.

POCATELLO, ID — New Day Products and Resources here is training people with disabilities to become detailers, KPVI reported.

The Jan. 2 story stated that New Products and Resources is a community therapy program that offers products to the public while offering resources for disabled people across Southeast Idaho.

Washing program trains people with disabilities

“Not only are these folks here at New Day just cleaning your car, they’re putting their heart into it,” Terry Fredrickson of New Day Products and Resources said in the story. “It’s fun to be out there in the community, have a car go by and they go, I cleaned that. They take pride in that.”

The mission of New Day is to enable people with disabilities to reach their highest economic, social and personal potential.

Veteran given recycled and refurbished ride

“We provide employment opportunities for people to come, that are disabled and they are able to get their experience here learning how to detail a car,” Fredrickson continued in the story. “And once they get that experience, a lot of times in the community they are getting hired because this is a profession that is not just at New Day but they can go outside of New Day and get hired with a meaningful job in the community.”

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