BOSTON — Since last night, heavy snowfall has impacted more than 100 million people in the Northern hemisphere and carwashes have been forced to close.

A Facebook post by Magic Car Wash of Sheboygan, WI, stated, "We are currently closed due to the snow that keeps falling. I doubt we're going to open today. As a general rule, we are closed when it snows or rains, or when it's below 5 degrees F. Happy New Year everyone!"

A Tweet by Splash & Go Carwash in Missouri stated: Due to extreme weather conditions we will be closed today. Check back tomorrow for updates.

Aqua Salon and Spa in Salem, MA, also stated in a press release:"Due to the weather conditions, Aqua Salon and Spa will be closed today. We will let everyone know later on about tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience! Stay warm and toasty!"

That's just a handful of the carwashes that have closed.

The storm, now being called "Snowstorm Hercules," is epected to last until tomorrow.