KANSAS CITY, MO — A detailer here put together a list of the seven deadly sins of car detailing and included a solution for each problem, according to newautoshipping.com.

The April 11 posting stated that the seven detailing sins are:

  1. Not waxing a vehicle.
  2. Leaving excess wax in car cracks.
  3. Using greasy surface dressing on interiors.
  4. Putting leather seat dressing on expensive seats.
  5. Utilizing oil-based tire shine.
  6. Depending on acid detergents.
  7. Allowing bird droppings to stay on a vehicle.

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To prevent extra wax in car cracks, the story recommended working a small layer of wax at the center of the body panel. After that, use only a thin coat of wax and work out towards the body cracks.

When it comes to oil-based tire shine, the story suggested using water-based tire shine instead. Here, silicone may dry out and cause tires to crack.

Finally, the story noted that bird droppings should be removed from vehicles immediately using a soft towel and car detail spray.

Read the entire list of problems and solutions here.