Tint World to introduce new product website - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Tint World to introduce new product website

TAMARAC, FL — Car and truck accessory categories will include car care products, performance parts and custom wheels.

TAMARAC, FL — Tint World here announced a new online store that offers automotive parts and accessories to car care operators, Yahoo! News reported.

The Oct. 24 story stated that the car and truck accessory categories include: Car care products, performance parts, custom wheels, mobile electronics and spoiler and ground effect kits.

Window tinting competition to decide the ‘world’s best’

The website search system allows visitors to customize their purchase experience by restricting product selection by vehicle make, model year, engine type and other specifications. Products can be browsed by category as well.

Customers who order parts online can also use the website to locate a Tint World store and have the purchased item installed at the location.

Tint World opening includes discount detailing

In addition to window tinting, Tint World Automotive Styling Centers offer auto detailing, reconditioning services, auto security, custom wheel and tire packages and styling accessories.

Read the entire story here.

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