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Tokens provide additional profit center security

Keep vacuum and vending machine profits safe.


Offering payment via tokens can increase safety at a wash. Gibson Olpp, marketing specialist with Osborne Coinage, says tokens contribute to security because they don’t have a monetary value.

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“Anyone who steals tokens can really only use them at another coin-operated business, and that's if the tokens were identical in size and [alloy],” she shares. “Otherwise a thief really doesn't have any options for them.” 

Carwash owners sometimes have to deal with fixing or replacing equipment stolen or broken into during a crime. According to Olpp, tokens can help to deter these crimes when they replace coins and bills.

“For many owners, the money stolen is paltry compared to what the costs are to replace the destroyed equipment,” shares Olpp. “Many times they just eat the cost of fixing/replacing the equipment instead of turning it into the insurance company, just to avoid a potential rate increase.”


Customer satisfaction

Olpp notes that tokens can also be used in combination with coins to give customers more flexibility. Carwash owners can offer free vacuum time with one token, then he or she may insert coins for additional time.

“Customers like the idea of ‘free,’ and many times spend more than they intended on something that was free to start,” Olpp explains.

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