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Tucson carwashes succeed with automated systems

TUCSON, Ariz. — Mister Car Wash and Dynamite Car Wash Concepts continue to grow.


TUCSON, Ariz. — According to an article written by Gabriela Rico entitled “Tucson carwash companies find success with automated systems” for the Arizona Daily Star, two Tucson carwash companies have found success with automated wash systems: Mister Car Wash and Dynamite Car Was Concepts.

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Mister Car Wash, Tucson-based since it moved headquarters in 1998, the article continued, brought its number of Tucson carwashes up to 15 this year with the recent purchase of Arizona Auto Spa, which made for a total of 202 across the country.

Dynamite Car Wash Concepts is building its fourth facility in Tucson near Ajo Way and Interstate 19 and currently has 20 full and part-time employees, the article stated.

Dynamite Car Wash Concepts

Dynamite started in 2011 with a carwash at 12th Ave. and Drexel Rd., but does not see the need to move beyond the city to expand, the article noted.


“There’s so much opportunity in Tucson and growth in Tucson, there’s really no need to expand,” said owner Evo DeConcini.

DeConcini hopes to build two more locations within the next two years, the article reported.

The new Dynamite Car Wash Hypersonic location will have a 120-foot tunnel that will be able to clean up to 130 cars per hour, 14 free vacuums and a free high-pressure pre-wash station geared toward bug removal, according to the article.

Dynamite’s other three Tucson carwashes are self serves with in-bay automatics that can clean up to 12 cars per hour, the article stated.

Mister Car Wash

Mister Car Wash continues to grow through acquisitions and upgrades to its existing washes, the article continued.

According to CEO John Lai, as reported by the article, this year’s purchase of 46 stores was a new record, but Mister Car Wash has no plans to stop.


“Between 30 and 50 stores a year feels doable,” he said. “It’s a wide-open field and we’re hungry to add to the network of stores.”

Lai attributes the success of the automated carwash industry to its simplicity, the article stated.

“If you wash it in the driveway it takes an hour,” he said. “This is simple and that’s why it’s become popular.”

In addition, the article continued, Mister Car Wash has also instituted a university program to allow employees to further their education and grow into general managers or even higher positions within the company.


“We’re super proud of our more than 7,000 employees,” Lai said. “If we have a happy workforce, there’s more productivity and higher quality of customer service.”

When Lai began as vice president of market development in 2002 for Mister Car Wash, the article noted, he said that none of his colleagues had advanced degrees.

“Now there are MBAs and CPAs at the company,” he said.

Mister Car Wash recently bought property near its headquarters at 222 E. Fifth St. to make way for more education space, the article reported; in addition, the company hopes to partner with the University of Arizona to help employees further their development.


You can read the original article here.

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