REDWOOD CITY, CA — Eco Green Auto Wash is an unusual type of carwash that emphasizes sustainability, Peninsula Press reported.

The Jan. 24 story stated that an Eco Green carwash uses one cup of water to detail a vehicle. Various city governments estimate carwashing at home uses 10 gallons of water per minute.

City forces carwashes to shut down one day a week

“Water is a scarce resource, and some people don’t realize,” Anton VanHoppen, owner of the Eco Green Auto Clean carwash company in Redwood City, said in the story.

Eco Green opened last August as a showroom for VanHoppen’s cleaning products, but now it operates as a full carwash. The washes begin at $14.99, and monthly memberships are available.

Wash works to conserve during long-term drought

The business is partnering with different companies in the Silicon Valley here to wash employees’ cars on-site as well.

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