WILLISTON, Vt. — Eco Car Wash opened last spring after more than six years of development, according to WCAX.com. Its owner is proud of the environmental focus the business has.

Owner Aaron Vincellette said in the article, “The building is pretty much totally recycled. All the green is made from decommissioned battleships. The glass, the polyacrylic roof on the building.”

The carwash’s roof also collects rainwater and snow to use in the wash process, noted the article. This allows the wash to not have to rely on city resources for its water.

According to the article, the water is filtered before entering the wash, and most is recycled multiple times before new water pushes it out.

Vincellette shared his wash’s soaps are also eco-friendly. “So all the soaps we have here are biodegradable, [EPA approved], and no phosphates or anything like that,” he stated in the article.

Cars go through a series of 10 dryers at the end of the wash, all of which use less electricity, reported the article.

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