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Water restrictions may shut down detailers

SAN ANGELO, TX — Two detailers revealed their plans if the city instituted Drought Level 3 water restrictions here.

SAN ANGELO, TX — Two detailers revealed their plans if the city instituted Drought Level 3 water restrictions here, the Standard-Times reported.

The Sept. 14 story said the city announced that water conditions last week met the criteria to move into Drought Level 3 water conservation. The announcement means the city has enough stored water to last only a year.

Even so, the city will not implement the regulations until Oct. 2, and the buffer time may allow the city council to consider an amendment that allows carwashes to remain in business.

Jose Nunez, owner of Best Shine Mobile Wash and Detail, said his backup plan is to go waterless. Though other washes have asked the city council to pass an exemption, if the Drought Level 3 is enforced, Best Shine will use waterless wash products.

Jerry Gonzalez, a worker at Tony’s Detail Shop, hopes the city will regulate businesses based on their water meter readings. The shop’s water bill is generally around $62 per month because they only wash about four cars a day. A shampoo takes about a gallon of water and most of the detailing is done by hand.

“If they go by that, we really don’t use that much water … most of our stuff is shampoo and chemicals,” Gonzalez said in the story. “But if the city tells us to shut down, we have to.”

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