KATY, Texas — According to www.abc13.com, a Katy mother claimed it was a miracle she survived a drive-by shooting that occurred outside a carwash.

As the woman, who did not want to give out her name, was driving to a carwash to cash in a rain-check, a bullet went through her driver’s side window and hit her arm, the article continued.

“I was in the right lane and looking right about to turn into the carwash, and I just kind of heard a boom or felt something. I thought something hit my car,” she said.

Just seconds after parking at the carwash, she realized she had been shot, the article noted, and the carwash employees helped call 911.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the incident, employees also heard the shot, but no one saw the culprit, the article added.

“I kind of glanced left, and I remember seeing a late-model Ford Explorer, and it looked kind of light in color to me. I wasn’t sure,” the victim said.

Surveillance cameras captured footage of that Ford Explorer driving next to the victim’s SUV in front of the carwash, the article noted.

As for the victim, she said that the bullet nearly took her life, and it still sits in her chest, according to the article.

“It entered right here on my left shoulder, and it tracked all the way across, and it’s sitting right in the area above my heart. It’s more superficial, so the heart is behind the rib cage and the bullet is right in front of the rib cage,” the woman said.

Doctors told her that the bullet is millimeters from her heart and that it was a close call, the article noted.

“I just feel like I’m a miracle,” she said. “To get shot in the arm, to have it travel into your chest and have the bullet still be in your chest, and to walk away and to be speaking with you three days later. I mean, I feel like it’s just one of God’s miracles, I do.”

Investigators are actively searching for the car as the victim recuperates, the article concluded.

UPDATE: According to a later article on www.cw39.com, police arrested Nicholas Dagostino, 29, and charged him with aggravated assault using a deadly weapon.

Dagostine claimed her acted in self defense, the article noted.

“Nicolas stated he had shot the complainant due to, quote on quote, ‘swerving into his lane twice’ and that he believed it was self-defense,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

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