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Product Releases

Vehicle sensor

EMX Industries, Inc.
EMX Industries has announced the launch of their Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector (USVD-4X) - a drive thru sensor designed to optimize operations and reduce cost.
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Mat cleaner

Clean World Distribution
Clean World Distribution has just released the final addition to the line of Rhino-Mat Mat Cleaning Series.
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Hot wax with carnauba

Blendco Systems
The New RedRhino Hot Wax with Carnauba produces a soft and shiny surface for a difference you can really feel.
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Spot-free reverse osmosis system

Sweetwater™ — Coleman Hanna
When adding a spot-free rinse system, you can trust the long-lasting value and reliability of the Sweetwater Spot-Free Reverse Osmosis (RO) System.
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Car care process

Coleman Hanna
Hanna's Ultimate Car Care Process utilizes the Horizon Arch™ series that is designed to add more brand marketing, attractive appearance, and performance to your car wash.
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Bondhus Corporation
Bondhus Corporation announces the addition of very large sizes (T70, T80, T90, T100) to its line of Star tipped tools which now work in both Star and Star Plus fasteners.
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Weather protectant

Kidd Wash Chemicals
Rain Coat Concentrate® is a vehicle surface protectant designed to repel water and deliver a high gloss, protection, and enhanced water beading to vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, hard plastic and chrome.
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Lustra™ Introduces Body Shampoo 265 Neutral to Its Ultraflex product line.
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Jack set

Access Tools
The Super Mega Jack Set is designed to get into larger vehicles quickly and effectively.
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