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Laser show carwash

Happy Cow Car Wash now offers a touch-free car wash that incorporates the excitement and energy of a night club. Lighting and video effects offer customers a wild ride while
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Proto-Vest’s IP345 Dryer has a cutting edge integrated processor allowing it to perform all of the necessary actions to produce a proficiently dried vehicle completely by itself. The IP345 will
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Carwash system

Oasis Car Wash Systems, Inc. recently introduced the Eclipse which combines the benefits of an in-bay automatic with the advantages of an express tunnel, but without the hassle of a
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Drying system

Belanger, Inc. has introduced a new vehicle drying system called the AirBlade™. The AirBlade dryer utilizes a wide narrow outlet to create a wall of air that instantly eliminates the
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Carwash building

The “POD” is a piece of equipment patented by Tommy Car Wash Systems that allows us to build see thru car washes. We’ve brought some components from the backroom and
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The NEW Swanson 440C Stainless Rollers last up to five times longer than OEM. In a test of 50 rollers, Swanson Rollers outlasted all others. 440C Heat Treated Stainless Steel,
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What's in your wash?

Welcome to Star Wash,, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas! The carwash is owned and operated by Chad White, Director of Operations, and his father-in-law, Cleve Branson. Star Wash’s
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Carwash case study: Is this the new face of full-serve carwashing?

Kate Carr
At a time when most new investors are avoiding the full-service concept like the plague, Philip Toppino is pursuing the idea with vigor. And it seems to be working.
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Vacuum machines

Tiffany Williams
Even with the change in technology, vacuums are still an important asset to carwashes. They range anywhere from your standard industrial vacuums to different combination machines such as air-vacuums,
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Improving the water reclaim process

Andy Pazz
Ever since the first carwash began using reclaimed water for the wash cycle, one of the biggest problems has been removing the dirt, sediment and sludge that settles in
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