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5-year-old run over at carwash survives

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. — At a busy carwash, a truck driver didn’t see the child.


ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. — According to www.abc27.com, at Trolley Line Car Wash, a young boy ran out from behind his family’s car and straight into the path of a pickup truck pulling a trailer.

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“It’s clearly a learning experience. Keep an eye on your children,” Northwest Regional Police Detective Frank Ember said. “The [truck] driver couldn’t even see the child, as you can see in the video — [the boy] was in front of the truck before the driver even realized it. The mother was frantic, screaming for the driver to stop. That’s the only reason the driver stopped; he heard someone screaming. He didn’t see the child. Thankfully, the child stayed low enough that he wasn’t hit by anything under the car that would have caused serious injury.”

The boy came away from the incident with only mild scrapes, the article continued.

Kenny Kaylor, owner of the carwash, posted the video to Facebook to show parents how quickly tragedy can strike, the article noted.

In his Facebook post, Kaylor said, in part, “The good Lord was watching over this child today! We are so thankful that this little fellow is okay. Kids just don’t have the ability to sense the danger in there surroundings. … Before you let your child out of the car, make sure you’re standing there with them.”


Read the article and watch the video here.

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