The Detailer's Spotlight story by Detail Editor Bud Abraham focuses on how you have to understand today's customer.

Here is a excerpt from the article, which can be found here

The world of retailing today does have its own peculiarities.

It is a strange world in which the customer's human needs must be meticu­lously cared for while the business relies in­creasingly on automation and machinery. Competition is everywhere, yet there are fewer players. It is a world in which the customer buys less but spends more; where quality is king; and cheap, indiscriminate quantity is the stuff of 1950s sitcoms.

Remember this; customers will be the win­ners. They will get exactly what they want ― in selection, service, and price because there are fewer of them spend­ing money. The detail businesses that can satisfy their special demands will thrive, while the ones who do not will fail.