DETROIT — While customers come to a carwash first and foremost to get their vehicle cleaned, there are additional profit centers that can increase revenue at a wash, according to a Detail XPerts blog.

Laundry shops can be a way for customers to multi-task, and choose your wash over another that doesn’t provide this amenity.

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C-stores are an on-the-go shopping experience, and they can give customers something to do while they’re waiting on their vehicle.

A great way to build customer loyalty is a playground area for children, who aren’t likely to find other amenities like a C-store nearly as amusing.

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A café or cafeteria area can provide a place for customers to unwind, eat a snack or meal, and possibly catch up on the latest news with free Wi-Fi.

For the person on-the-go, there are many things your wash can do to provide a more well-rounded experience that will keep them coming back, and the blog goes into more detail on each one of these proposed revenue sources.

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