OSLO, Norway — A joint project between Norway police, the Norwegian Tax Administration and the labour inspectorate has uncovered far-reaching illegal activity among the nation’s carwashes, according to thelocal.no.

Carwashes were found to harbor activities like human trafficking, illegal immigration and workers without residency, noted the article. “It was modern-day slavery,” shared Knut-Morden Alvestads, senior inspector at the labour inspectorate, in the article.

The venture will continue longer than originally scheduled because of the large amount of activity discovered, said the article.

Violations were found in 90 percent of carwashes inspected in 2013, reported the article. Alvestads stated in the article that some improvements have been made, however.

According to the article, Erik Kilsen of the Tax Administration stated customers’ need to pay less for car care led to the poor conditions.

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