MILWAUKEE — According to, an argument at a carwash ended in a shooting that occurred in broad daylight.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage, the article continued.

The footage shows a man in a black hat walking toward a parked SUV, where another man in jeans and a jacket was standing, the article noted.

The man in the jacket later told police he had been waiting for a call from his girlfriend when the other man, who was “upset,” approached him, the article added.

According to the footage, the men appear to be arguing before the one man starts taking off his jacket and the man in the hat races back to his vehicle, grabbing a gun from the passenger’s side, the article stated.

Seconds later, the footage shows, the men begin to fight, and then the man in the hat fires at least two shots, the article continued.

The shooter flees, while the victim hops around on one leg in visible pain, the article added.

Nearby witnesses then come to the victim’s aid in the footage, the article stated.

Police were able to identify the shooter as Samuel Galarza-DeJesus but are still searching for him as well as investigating what led up to the argument in the first place, the article noted.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Galarza-DeJesus, and despite not being in custody, he has been charged with first-degree reckless injury, use of a dangerous weapon, the article stated.

The victim had to have surgery to repair his knee, the article concluded.

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