ATLANTA — According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the city council of an Atlanta suburb, Peachtree Corners, recently approved proposed updates to city code establishing water guidelines for commercial carwashes and outlining outdoor water use violations.

The new code states that any new commercial carwashes permitted and constructed after July 18th have to install water recycling systems that reclaim at least 50 percent of water used, the article continued.

In addition, the code also defined outdoor water waste, stating, “Outdoor water waste means the excessive application of water that results in water flowing down any curb and gutter, street or storm drain or onto an adjacent property, resulting in the unnecessary loss of water through improper application or failure of an outdoor irrigation or plumbing system resulting in excessive runoff.”

As such, in addition to excessive water runoff, water waste violations can include having a broken irrigation system (with missing heads or damaged pipes), leaving a hose running unattended without a shutoff nozzle and having a visible or unrepaired leak resulting in one or more gallons of water lost per minute.

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