Australia’s carwash industry sees steady growth
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Australia’s carwash industry sees steady growth

MELBOURNE, Australia — The growth in Australia’s carwash industry has even sparked a new type of meeting place for business professionals.


MELBOURNE, Australia — Environmental concerns and space constraints are sparking more business for carwashes throughout Australia, and many business professionals are using carwash facilities for meetings, according to The Age.

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The drought from 1996 to 2010 and water restrictions has limited car owners to a sponge and a bucket only for home carwashing or to frequent commercial carwashes that recycle water, stated the article.

Today, there are 2,500 commercial carwashes throughout Australia according to the Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA), continued the article, and IBISWorld reported that the Australian carwash industry is forecast to be worth approximately $585 million by 2020.

Claude Roda, managing director of Magic Hand Carwash, reported that the spread of carwash “cafes” has also created a new meeting place for business professionals, informed the article, and he frequently sees real estate agents doing weekly sales meetings in the lounging area while their cares are being cleaned outside.


For Roda, added the article, the busiest of his locations wash more than 700 cars per week, reported the article, and a new Frankston wash is rapidly becoming the busiest location in Victoria, with the most popular wash service costing between $40 and $55, depending on the size of the vehicle.

“As more people move toward apartment or townhouse living and closer to the city, we should see an ongoing trend for people to pay for the service rather than doing it in the yard,” stated Roda in the article.

According to IBISWorld, stated the article, within the carwash market automatics account for 46.5 percent, self-serves for 37.6 percent and hand washes for 11 percent.


However as the property value continues to rise for self-serve locations, resulting in many to close their doors, and as homes with lawns and driveways become increasingly expensive, noted the article, more car owners in Australia may turn to commercial hand washes to wash their cars.

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