DES MOINES, Iowa — Many gas stations and convenience stores around the country have been adding draft beer taps with 64-ounce growlers, according to USA Today.

Around 35 states now allow the practice, noted the article, and others including Florida, Iowa and Missouri are considering permitting it.

"It's definitely becoming more popular," said Paul Gatza, director of the Brewers Association, in the article. "The American public wants to be able to control their experience. They want to be able to take their beer home and pour as much or [as] little as they want."

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Sunoco was one of the first companies to sell growlers to customers, reported the article. Its Craft Beer Exchange opened in 2011 in Buffalo, New York. The company now has growlers in 65 stores.

Craft beer sales grew 22 percent in 2014, stated the article. Some companies are skeptical about offering their beer this way, however.

A number of breweries are concerned dirty keg lines or unwashed growlers could affect the beer quality, shared the article. President of the Iowa Brewers Guild Dave Ropte said in the article beer can be purchased much cheaper in growlers than in bottles.

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