SEATTLE — Brown Bear Car Washes here gave away “Bear Essential” carwashes for over 12 hours at 21 tunnel locations, and they ended up washing 27,125 cars, according to a press release.

The Sept. 5 release stated that the free carwashes were given away on Aug. 23, 2012. As PC&D reported, Brown Bear gave the washes away to customers as a way to celebrate the chain’s 55th anniversary.

“As always, the pace was fast and furious and it’s a tribute to our team that we were able to serve so many customers,” Vic Odermat, Brown Bear founder and owner, said in the release. “It’s our way of saying thank you to the communities we serve, and hopefully we introduced new customers to the kind of service and value we deliver year round.”

Odermat noted that the free promotion required a major commitment by Brown Bear employees, and he said they received bonus compensation for their work and service.

Brown Bear was founded by Odermat with a single location in Seattle. Now Brown Bear owns and operates carwashes throughout the Puget Sound area and Spokane.