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Burglars attempt to rob same carwash three times

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Though determined, the criminals came away with nothing.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — According to www.fox4kc.com, two burglars attempted to rob the carwash on Leavenworth Rd. three times in two weeks, and every attempt was caught on tape.

Owner Brian Underwood said, “I am walking through the bay and find a broken drill bit. I naturally come over and look at the lock. I discover it has been drilled — there was an attempt to drill it.”

Surveillance footage shows that on the morning of Oct. 8th, a silver car pulled into one of the carwash bays, the article continued.

A man used a portable drill to try to break the plug lock on the coin collector, but after failing, he left empty-handed, the article noted.

“He came back the next day,” Underwood said. “Come to find out he had been here again. This time, he brought a friend.”

The night of Oct. 9th, the man and his comrade tried to drill into the coin collector lock again, the article added.

This time, however, they decided to wash the car before leaving with nothing, the article stated.

The two didn’t return until 5:20 a.m. Oct. 19th, when they once again tried to break into the coin collector, the article noted.

“One of the guys looked up and realized there was a camera looking down on him, and they burned out real quick,” Underwood said.

It took eight minutes for the two to realize they were being recorded, the article added.

“They are determined for sure,” Underwood said. “And I think that’s why it is important these guys be identified and caught. If they are running around at five in the morning with a portable drill, coming back here three times, God only knows what else they are doing.”

Although the burglars did not manage to steal any money, they left enough damage to cost Underwood hundreds of dollars for repairs, the article concluded.

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