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What c-stores can learn from carwashes

CHICAGO — C-stores can use these operational tips to better their wash operations.


CHICAGO — According to the article “C-stores Should Borrow These Pro Car Wash Practices” by contributor Renee M. Covino on  www.csnews.com, there are several operational tips convenience stores (c-stores) carwash can take from professional carwashes.

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For professional carwashes, Covino notes, the main source of income comes from washing cars, so the wash process and quality receives constant focus; for c-stores, there are several competing sources of income, meaning that those with carwashes may not pay as much attention to wash quality.

However, Covino warns, those who do not monitor wash quality closely are at risk of losing that extra income if customers are dissatisfied with the wash.

Some ways to combat this deterioration of quality, Covino states, are to monitor the wash quality, perform preventative maintenance and to fix any problems that arise.


As such, Covino provides these top operational practices for c-store carwashes:

  • Inspect the wash multiple times each day. Make sure that it is kept clean of debris and appears inviting and that all lighting and signage are in good working order. Also, empty any trash cans.
  • Run test washes every day. If you find a problem, contact your service provide and have it fixed immediately so that it does not lead to costly downtime.
  • Have a dedicated carwash staff. Have someone whose specific job duties are to keep the carwash running at its best every hour that it’s open.
  • Take into account your point-of-sale (POS) system. Does your POS system allow customers to easily pay for or upgrade above the basic wash sale?
  • Check equipment and chemicals. Because chemicals must be applied correctly and consistently, it is important to check their levels and to also inspect the equipment itself in order to provide the optimal washing experience.

Read the original online article here and for more practices, see the full article here.

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