NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND — A car cleaner took to Twitter to urge soccer player Demba Ba to pay his carwash bill, the METRO reported.

The Jan. 8 story stated that Lee Donnelly, who is part of LJD Valet, alleged Ba had his car cleaned before signing a new agreement to play for the Chelsea soccer team. When Ba headed to London, Donnelly claims he was never paid the 40 pounds for the cleaning.

Cover story: Changing the channels

Taking advantage of the hashtag #AskBa Twitter chat, Donnelly tweeted, “are you ever gonna pay me the £40 for valeting ur car? take it as a no as u moved away.”

Ba’s move to the new soccer team will reportedly make him 7 million pounds. In his second tweet, Donnelly said, “the money u owe me is 0.0001% of ur daily wage sort it out ba.”

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The paper reported that the story has not been officially verified.

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