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Car crashes through carwash and into church

MANSFIELD, Ohio — A carwash employee crashes through a garage door, crosses the street and hits a church.


MANSFIELD, Ohio — According to an article posted by the Mansfield News Journal, on Nov. 30th, a car broke through a garage door at Park Avenue Car Wash, crossed four lanes of traffic on Park Ave. West and rammed into a church.

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A carwash employee was driving at the time, the article stated, but he claimed that when he got in to move the car forward, the accelerator got stuck and he was unable to stop the car.

He was not injured in the crash, the article added, and the vehicle managed “not to hit any cars out on the street,” according to Mansfield police Officer Nelson Kilgore.

Wayne McKenna, whose wife is the car owner, watched the accident happen. “I got it washed and waxed, and I watched it go through the door and across the street. … They claim the accelerator stuck, but I have never had a problem with the accelerator sticking before,” McKenna said.


McKenna explained that he took his wife’s car in for an oil change and decided that it also needed a wash. “I was sitting here debating, rainy day, do I go have it washed, or not? It hadn’t been washed in a while. Wonder if they’ll give me my $11 bucks back that I paid for the carwash, since they got it dirty again,” he quipped.

According to the article, it took two tow trucks to pull the car away from the church.

The accident was almost a replay of an incident that happened at this carwash in 2007, when a car crashed through the wash bay, crossed the street and drove into the porch of a house; the employee driving at that time also reported that the accelerator stuck and that the brakes would not respond.


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