GILEAD, Ohio — The Village of Cardington Council is once again debating the proposed rezoning of a residential lot to a general business district, according to the Morrow County Sentinel.

Tim Hack, owner of the property, wants to rezone the site to a business lot to construct a three-bay automatic carwash, stated the article.

Concerns over safety were discussed during the recent council meeting, reported the release, and apprehensions of heavy traffic, litter and property values were also debated.

However, one resident said in the meeting that the carwash may bring in more businesses to that area if the lot is rezoned for business, added the article.

Hack, who also owns Edison Car Wash and a porta-potty business, said in the article that he understands the concerns raised and explained that technology has improved since he opened Edison Car Wash, and he plans to use the latest technology in his new location.

Hack also stated in the article that he has the latest security in place at the Edison Car Wash, reporting only one break-in over the 13 years he has owned the business, noted the article.

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