COLORADO SPRING, Colo. — According to, National Pride Car Wash, a local self-serve business, has been overcharging customers’ credit cards by hundreds of dollars.

One woman reported a $624 charge for two card swipes, the article continued.

The fraud investigators at Ent Credit Union said they had received a number of similar complaints, the article stated.

“Once we got more than one call, we knew there was an issue,” said Victoria Selfridge of Ent Credit Union.

At least half a dozen carwash customers claimed they were charged from $100 to over $600, the article noted.

Investigators reported that this was not a skimming issue but rather a problem with the carwash’s card readers, the article added.

“You know, our understanding of the issue is maybe there was something with the merchant’s processor that was processing those transactions incorrectly and sending the incorrect amount,” said Selfridge.

Most of the people who were overcharged were reimbursed by their banks, who in turn want to be reimbursed, the article noted.

“We have a vested interest in investigating the cause of the problem and addressing it with the merchant so they can make it right, because we’ve already made it right for our members,” said Selfridge.

According to a later update on this article, Genesys Technologies told News5 that it had pushed out a software update to the card readers at National Pride Car Wash to solve the problem and that the company has begun to refund customers, the article concluded.

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