PHOENIX — A fundraiser for Officer Jair Cabrera, who was killed in the line of duty on May 24, raised $18,540 for his family, according to AZ Central.   

Cabrera stopped a vehicle at the Salt River Indian Reservation early in the morning on the day of his death, the article states, and one of the three occupants of the car, Elijah Loren Arthur, exited and shot him. He has since been arrested and accused of first-degree murder in a federal complaint, according to the article.

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The Police Officers of Scottsdale Association organized the event, notes the article.

Cobblestone Auto Spa, which operates 11 washes in the area, held the benefit last week. "This exceeded our expectation," said Robert Minson, a Cobblestone spokesperson, in the story. "We wanted to make sure we did it (right) and really blew it out of the water. I was thrilled."

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The Cobblestone website explains how the fundraising opportunities work, but splitting the money 50/50 between the wash and the fundraising group. The fundraising page goes on to explain how organizations sell $20 books for five wash packages, and the fundraising group keeps $10. A one month limit is set on fundraising sales, after which the unsold books are returned, notes the website.  

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