GUNNEDAH, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — Vandals here were caught in the act by surveillance cameras when they attacked a carwash here, the Naomi Valley Independent reported.

The Nov. 8 story stated that three people came on-site in the early hours of Oct. 25. The 11 cameras at the wash picked up most of the action.

Suspect confesses to a long list of carwash crimes

The offenders entered the site at 2 a.m. and tried to get into the main change machine and auto entry unit. They also vandalised a vending machine. Next, they attempted to break into the main room; then damaged a vacuum unit as they left the site.

No money was stolen, but thousands of dollars worth of damage was done. “We will now have to replace some of the gear, which was only 12 months old,” Simon Gainsford, owner, said in the story.

Police say video vandal may escape felony charge

Armed with the footage, police are asking for help to identify the offenders. Also, Gainsford is planning to beef up security. Currently, he plans to add three more security cameras, one more light and permanent security fencing.

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