CLEVELAND — Larry Atchley, owner Larry’s Inman Street Car Wash, is now 71 and still comes into work every day and has no vacation plans in the near future, the Cleveland Daily Banner reported.

The Dec. 3 story said Atchley likes to set a good example for his employees, which is why he shows up to work every day. “I have to be here every day, and don’t take vacations,” he said in the story. “You have to be here and show [your employees] you’re willing to work, just like them. I’ll be 72 next month. I plan on working another four or five years. Then I plan to turn this over to my son.”

Atchley said he also likes to hire people who need a second chance. “I enjoy helping people that a lot of other people wouldn’t help,” he said in the story. “I’ve had to start over before. I’ve had to start from scratch — from nothing. The Lord has blessed me. Since I’ve been here (in Cleveland) the carwash business has been a good choice. We love living in Cleveland. It’s a town where you can go just about anywhere in five or 10 minutes. I like that over living in Chattanooga. Cleveland has a lot of good people here. It has a lot of churches and we wash a lot of cars for preachers and pastors at a discount. We also try to give a discount to the police.”

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