SCHERTZ, Texas — According to, a carwash owner shot a man trying to break into his business on Nov. 8th.

The shooting was reported around 5 a.m. at Main Street Car Wash, according to the police; the owner had been driving by the carwash when he noticed someone breaking in, the article continued.

“He usually gets there about the same time every morning,” said Officer Helen Lafitte with Schertz P.D. “He saw the car there. He went around the back. He saw the door was open.”

The owner confronted the suspect, who had reportedly broken into a small room where the money vault is kept, the article added.

“The business owner attempted to have the individual stop what he was doing, gave him that command at least more than once,” Lafitte said. “The individual, I guess, came towards him and he took what he thought was appropriate action to defend himself.”

The owner told police that the suspect threatened him with a crowbar, which caused the owner to shoot him, the article noted.

The business has had problems with burglaries in the past, the article stated.

The suspect was taken to the hospital for surgery with multiple gunshot wounds, the article concluded; officials have not said if the owner will be charged.

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