NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — According to, on Aug. 11th, surveillance cameras from Harpersville Car Wash, a self-serve carwash, captured footage of a vehicle driving straight into a wall of the business.

The footage shows two women; one got into the driver’s seat while the other stood outside the car, the article continued.

It appears that the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove into the wall, the article stated.

There was enough structural damage that owner Brandon De Le Garza had to shut down two bays, the article stated, and he said it will cost almost $5,000 to fix the wall.

De Le Garza reported to News 3 on Aug. 15th that someone contacted him, having recognized the car from the news, and he was able to get in touch with the woman who damaged the wall and is working with her insurance company to fix it, the article continued.

De Le Garza reported that her car is being repaired and that she claimed to have not known how extensive the damage was, the article noted.

Her insurance company has agreed to cover the cost of the repair and the cost of lost business, the article concluded.

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