FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Framingham board awarded Auto Bright Car Wash with the town’s last available beer and wine package store license, according to the Framingham Tab.

The license was granted after the board voted 4 to 1, the article stated.

Auto Bright Car Wash also features an auto detailing and express oil change center, used car lot, gas station and convenience store, reported the article.

Cheryl Tully Stoll, Framingham board member, said in the release that the town should support “a business that has invested so much in Framingham, and help it continue to succeed.”

Laurie Lee, board member, opposed the license, stating in the article that she consistently opposes granting alcohol licenses to c-stores and gas stations and worries that the business is a busy site.

Furthermore, Lee explained in the article that she feels the town should have held the last available license in case requests were submitted for new craft beer and wine stores.

“Attorney Roger Dowd, representing Auto Bright, said Boris Kanieff, [owner of Auto Bright Car Wash], started the family business in 1978, and selling beer and wine would be a convenience for the neighborhood,” noted the article.

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