PHILADELPHIA — Time Out Car Wash usually donates $300 to $500 of its charity day proceeds to the participating charity during the event, according to

In the article, Owner Lionel Dunbar said, “I’m all about helping the kids and helping the community out.”

One recent carwash benefited Worry About Nothing Purpose is Alive in Everyone (WANPAE), an organization that teaches preteens and teenagers about entrepreneurship and how to pursue their passions.

A regularly priced carwash costs $20 for SUVs and $15 for cars, but during a charity wash, Dunbar charges a flat rate of $10 per vehicle, noted the article.

WANPAE hopes the profits from its fundraiser will be enough for a trip to a local amusement park for some of the program’s participants, said the article.

WANPAE Founder Em-sheree Patterson said the trip will be “something really nice for kids who have never been anywhere.”

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