LYNWOOD, Wash. — According to, after being carjacked at a carwash, a 57-year-old woman was put in the hospital.

Tamara Bouillon was heading to a Christmas dinner when she stopped at the Brown Bear Car Wash on 164th St., the article continued.

Bouillon got out of the car and opened her hood, the article noted; within seconds, a man walked up and got in her car, locking the door.

“He goes, ‘I’m taking your car,’” Bouillon said. “I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Bouillon grabbed onto the sunroof and held on as the carjacker accelerated, dragging her several feet before she fell to the ground, the article noted.

The thief got away with her car, and Bouillon spent the night in the hospital, suffering from bruises across her body and fluid in her lungs, leaving her in constant physical pain, the article added.

Deputies found the car on Dec. 27th, 10 miles away in Shoreline, the article continued.

There was a man inside, whom they arrested, but the authorities could not say if he was a suspect, the article noted.

Bouillon has been waiting for the detectives to process her car and take fingerprints, the article concluded; in the meantime, she has had to rely on friends to help her get around town.

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