DECATUR, IL — After water restrictions here banned all carwashing in the city, 11 carwash employees at one business were out of work, according to WUIS.

The Aug. 9 story stated that the city enacted strict water restrictions last week that closed all commercial carwashes. Officials said the lake the city relies on is getting too low, and the restrictions are essential for conservation.

Dawn Grandon, an assistant manager at a carwash, said the closure means a job search or unemployment for her and 10 other employees.

“I don’t think it’s fair at all because we don’t use as much water as they say that we use,” Grandon said in the story. “We use roughly about 25 gallons of water per car that we wash, and when you do it at home you use up to 75 gallons if not more.”

The restrictions also ban home carwashing, lawn watering and the filling of swimming pools.