YORK CITY, PA ― Russell Wantz said he received a letter from the city, asking him to remove a car care products and soda vending machine from his carwash property within the next 30 days due to a new city ordinance, The York Dispatch reported.

The May 16 story said the city is starting to enforce the new zoning ordinance which bans outdoor vending machines. If business owners do not comply, they will be given cease-and-desist orders, then another 30 days to comply, and if they still haven't removed the vending machines, the city will then file a civil suit.

Wantz, along with six other business owners, showed up at a city council meeting on Tuesday night to protest the new ordinance. The city said the move is to cut down on littering and vandalism, and to improve the city's look.

According to the letters sent, vending machines cannot be on sidewalks or within the public's right of way. Wantz, however, claimed his vending machines were not in any violation of the ordinance.

Kevin Schreiber, the city's director of community and economic development, said they gave business owners ample time to protest the ordinance when it was being developed. "This was not an attempt to grab pitchforks and go after anyone," he said to the crowd of people who had gathered after the city council meeting. "We're happy to work with you."