DEL REY OAKS, Calif. — According to, a former employee of Del Rey Car Wash, Victor Salazar, has been accused of embezzling over $150,000 worth of cash from the company over the course of “many years,” according to a lawsuit filed by the carwash.

During this time, the complaint alleged, Salazar lied about the number of cash-only customers, the article continued.

While it’s not clear how long Salazar worked for the carwash or when his alleged misdeeds were discovered, but it appears to date back to 2015, the article noted.

That year, the lawsuit claimed, Salazar used some of the embezzled money to buy the first of two houses in Seaside, the article stated; he bought the second one in June 2018.

The house purchased in 2015 was listed for sale in September 2018, and on Nov. 13th, it went into escrow in a deal that is scheduled to close on Dec. 28th, the article continued.

“[Carwash management] believes that, upon close of escrow of the sale of the Kenneth St. property, defendant will abscond to Mexico with the sale proceeds (i.e, plaintiff’s money),” the lawsuit states.

The first court date set for the case is April 9, 2019, the article concluded.

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