JACKSONVILLE, FL — After more than two decades in the military, Fred Smith retired and became a detailer and motorized bicycle salesman, Jacksonville.com reported.

The April 9 story stated that now Smith spends his days washing and detailing cars at an old gas station. His business, Auto Titivators, also offers motorized bicycles up for sale that are built by Jacque Brooks.

Smith retired from the armed forces in 1974, then worked for the Department of Labor in Chicago and for a defense contractor. After retiring from these positions, Smith had a lawn service and then opened the detail shop last August.

Detailer of the year announced at Mobile Tech Expo

"I retired for 18 months, and I got bored," Smith said in the story. "I'm just too used to being busy."

The reporter asked if the vehicles that come in are extremely dirty. "Really just during bad pollen and love bug season," Smith replied. "People who come in here keep their cars clean. It’s an ego/appearance thing. But I see $5,000 rims on a rusted car. With most of the young fellas, it’s the bling and the noise."

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